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School will be CLOSED for Winter Break December 17, 2018 - January 4, 2019.  Classes resume on Monday, January 7, 2019.  Enjoy a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!    The Webster Way: Be Safe! Be Prepared! Be Responsible!
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Los Angeles Team Mentoring is proud to serve the students and parents of Daniel Webster Middle School through the TeamWorks program—a weekly mentoring program that takes place on Wednesdays from September through May 3:10 pm - 4:20 pm. Snacks are provided. 


At the beginning of the school year, a group of 10-12 students are paired with 2-3 adult mentors, including a college student and teacher from Daniel Webster Middle School. TeamWorks runs from late September-June and gives students a chance to build important life skills including team building and leadership as well as attend exciting field trips. Studies show that mentored students have better school attendance, a more positive attitude towards school, and an easier time transitioning into high school.


TeamWorks also offers a unique, week-long college readiness camp during June. Priority is given to TeamWorks students who remain in good standing during the year. Leadership Camp applications will be distributed beginning in March 2019. 


What is the commitment?

Teamworks is a 3 year program that utilizes grade specific activities. As the students mature, the program matures. Based on research, the following factors are why teamworks separates students by grade level and require that student’s commitment to the 3 years in order to fully benefit from the program:


Social & Emotional Differences in Grades:

  • 6thgraders: seek to belong, decision making difficulties but still needs to be able to make some choices for themselves, they are finding an identity that is separate from their family and from their friends
  • 7thgraders: Moodiness, struggling with sense of identity, complain of parent interference, extreme emotions, experimenting behaviors, roles, appearance and self-image, peers are most important influence
  • 8thgraders: Compare and matches their identity with others, attempting to discover their strengths, concerned about personal appearance, wants to be independent, starting to figure out their place in the larger world and are looking at their future


How does LATM’s mentoring program work?

LATM takes a progressive learning approach utilizing an activity-based curriculum that focuses on the social and emotional needs of students navigating through the middle school years:

  • 6thgraders focus on:  teambuilding, collaboration, identifying strengths, effective listening, analytical and creative problem solving
  • 7thgraders focus on: self-esteem, healthy mindset/coping skills, parent and adult relationship, peer to peer relationships, anger management and conflict resolution
  • 8thgraders focus on: resiliency, life skills, financial literacy, H.S, college and career readiness, responsible decision making and digital responsibility


TeamWorks is a completely FREE program and is open to Daniel Webster students on a first come, first serve basis. For more information or to complete an application, please contact Ana Castaneda  by email at  acastaneda@latm.org or by phone at (213) 742-6733  or see Mr. Cornett in room 139.

Student Application: https://mentoring.mentorcore.com/latm/index.php?section=menteeApplications&action=new&fwID=1797






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