Daniel Webster Middle School

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The Dean's Corner » Behavior Management Process

Behavior Management Process

Most inappropriate behavior in classrooms that is not seriously disruptive can be managed by relatively simple procedures that prevent escalation. Effective classroom managers practice skills that minimize misbehavior. Monitoring students carefully and frequently means that misbehavior is detected early before it involves many students or becomes a serious disruption.
Webster Middle School will maintain a system for handling infractions of behavioral expectations. Each day, students will begin with a clean slate. Outlined below is the level system with the attached graph displaying actions for misbehaviors:
Criteria for Categorizing Student Misbehaviors:
Level 1: Requires the least amount of teacher time and energy to implement. There is a minimal amount of classroom disruption. These actions are generally warnings.
Level 2: Requires a greater amount of teacher time and energy to implement. Behavior is more disruptive to more than just a few of the students. The actions involved are the application of a consequence.
Level 3: Requires the most teacher time and energy to implement. The behavior is severe and requires outside assistance.
Level 4: Zero-tolerance for student misbehavior. The Dean will intervene.